What real people are saying about Church on the Rise …

To really understand what Church on the Rise means to the Greater Cleveland community, you have to hear it from those who attend services every week. You have to hear it from those who have had their lives changed for the better because of the real-life experiences these people have found at this inspiring place of worship.

These are Christians who will tell you how important this Non-Denominational Church has been to them and their families. It would be hard to list all of those whose lives have become richer and more satisfying because of Church on the Rise. It is even a challenge to list all the ways the church has helped people.

Pam Hall, for example, says that she loves attending services at the church and participating in different ministry groups both because of the fellowship she gains and because of the help both have given her as she pursues her own spiritual growth.

“I’m not sure where to begin when telling others why I love attending Church on the Rise,” Hall says.  “The worship lifts my spirit and the preached Word changes my life! There are numerous small groups that I can choose to attend including a widows or seniors’ support group.”

Hall also explains how much she has received because of the Service she has freely given to others through the Ministries of Church on the Rise.

“We are encouraged to serve in some capacity.  I have prepared meals for those recovering from surgery and get to engage the congregation being a greeter at the front door. The pastor responds promptly when I request prayer.  I feel the pastor’s compassion and want to show forth that same compassion to hurting souls.”

Some who regularly attend the church point to the positive atmosphere and the welcoming of people from many different backgrounds. Carolyn Smith says both of these elements are important to her, and she adds that serving God has brought great rewards into her life.

“I thoroughly enjoy being a member of Church on the Rise.  We have leaders and staff that truly love serving the Lord, as well as His people,” she says. “The culture of Service embraced at COR lends itself to active participation in attending to the needs of members and others in need whether a member or not.  The passion and dedication demonstrated by the Outreach Team have tangibly affected and improved the lives of men and women incarcerated, elementary, junior high, & senior high school students, as well as the homeless at city missions, and abused women, in shelters. The Praise and Worship Team explode every Service with inspiration and encouragement.  The messages are relevant and life-changing. The diversity is refreshingly welcoming to all.  I love being a member of COR!”

Lisa Garlington says she, too, has grown so much spiritually through her involvement with Church on the Rise. As her understanding of the Gospels has grown, the depth of her love for God has grown as well.


“Church on the Rise is where I learned the answers to questions I had all my life,” Garlington explains. “At age 41 I believed in God but didn’t understand Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the power of the cross. Those answers changed my life for eternity! The Bible is the living Word of God and COR teaches and preaches from it. There’s no religion, just truth from The Word. The time of worship is so special and I’ve learned through the years to draw closer to God during worship and to bless Him. These days my family serves others by volunteering on Sundays!”

Each week, hundreds and hundreds of people come to services at Church on the Rise because they feel a part of what is happening there. They appreciate the upbeat and positive atmosphere and they are inspired by the Pastors who communicate God’s Word in a passionate and insightful way.

With the guidance and support of the church community, many have been able to progress along their spiritual journeys and in doing so have become happier, more fulfilled, and more successful in all aspects of their lives. This is true for individuals and for families, who thrive when they participate fully in church Ministries and Groups.

The importance of Service and giving back to those who are less fortunate is at the core of much of what happens at Church on the Rise. The church does prison outreach that includes gifts being given to almost 1,000 inmates at Christmas, offers truckloads of hope to victims of natural disasters, and works very hard to raise awareness and save lives from the scourge of opioid addiction.

None of these positives acts happen without a strong leadership team, and Church on the Rise certainly has that!  Their Pastoral team’s inspirational guidance sets a strong example for the staff and the congregation.

The church staff is a dynamic and knowledgeable team that includes Sr. Pastor Patti Endrei; Co-Lead Pastor Jordan Endrei; Children’s Minister Tyler Vacha; Youth Pastor Dawn Endrei; Assistant Pastor Hestel Stout; Family Life Pastors Dr. Dexter Johnson and Philomena Johnson; Dr. Paul., the COO; and the office administration!

There are many reasons why Church on the Rise has had such a profound effect on so many lives. But none is more important than the beliefs that the church stands behind. These include a belief that Jesus Christ was both a sinless man and the Son of God and that He gave His life for our sins; that God exists in three persons – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; and that the Bible is the literal and perfect Word of God.

Church on the Rise is a Non-Denominational, family oriented church located at 3550 Crocker Road in Westlake, Ohio. To get there from I-90, take the Westlake/Crocker Road exit and go south one mile. From I-480, take the Crocker Road exit and head north for two miles. The church is located directly across the street from UH/St. John Medical Center.